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Our technology is ready for implementation

Full-scale and sub-scale tests support the feasibility of revolutionary maglev packet-switching networks. The resulting transportation systems promise a level of service never before achieved, at a cost far below that of conventional passenger and freight transit systems.

Full Scale Maglev Demonstration Track

A 120 meter full-scale track was built to demonstrate Linear Synchronous Motor propulsion and passive levitation.

Large Levitation Gap Demonstration

A full-scale maglev freight capsule was built to demonstrate the levitation potential of Magnovate's suspension system. The vehicle achieved a levitation gap of 8 centimeters with an empty vehicle and a gap of over 2 centimeters with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3000 kg. 

Instant Switching and Electronic Stabilization

A sub-scale prototype was built to demonstrate features such as electronic lateral stabilization, linear synchronous motor propulsion, rotating bogies and instant passive track switching.



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