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Transit system

and electric propulsion experts

We've developed transit systems before

Led the South Korea urban maglev program from concept to commercialization

Directed the General Atomics urban maglev program

Secured $100 million in funding from the FTA for the General Atomics urban maglev program

Led the Raytheon automated transit network demonstration program

Built the world’s largest automated transit network

Led the Incheon Airport Urban Automated Maglev deployment

Led the design of monorail vehicles for Bombardier 

Built a linear synchronous motor capsule pipeline system, with instant magnetic switching capabilities, for transporting bulk mining materials

Designed and implemented a bespoke door opening system for autonomous transit pods

Developed a dynamic moving block automated control system

Maglev and Electric Propulsion Experience

Developed a 633mph maglev rocket sled which holds the world maglev speed record

Built the world’s only full-scale permanent magnet maglev

Invented the world’s first instant electronic maglev passive switch

Led the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC) project

Commercialized maglev ventricular assist devices

Designed and built a bespoke hybrid electric motor for Uber Elevate

Developed the world’s most powerful permanent magnet linear synchronous motor

Developed 12 propulsion projects for NASA

Designed a maglev satellite launch system for the US Airforce

Developed electric motor technology for Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce and the US Army and Navy

We're Magnovate

A team of engineers and urbanists united by the mission of improving quality of life by accelerating the next major advancement in mobility.

We’ve taken a systems level approach to developing a breakthrough mobility platform that is faster, safer, more economical and user-friendly than any ever built in the world. 

Magnovate is the lynchpin of a consortium that includes several multi-billion dollar international industrial leaders; all working together to realize our vision of a world where people and goods move as seamlessly as information on the internet.

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