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Magnovate technology advancements

A Halbach Array of Magnets

magnet2Magnovate technology advances fundamentally alter the state of the art and vastly broaden the range of applications possible for maglev transit. The vertical levitation gap of Magline design is an order of magnitude larger than those of existing designs. This eliminates the need for close-tolerance track alignment, permits the use of lighter rails and reduces capital costs. Based on a "Halbach Array" of magnets, MRT technology achieves lateral stability and directional control and eliminates the need for a suspension system that wraps around the track. Magline pods can switch tracks without need to mechanically move the track; a switching technology entirely suited to high speed operations, the construction of elaborate track networks with multiple stations and a variety of vehicles running on the same tracks.

The first electric telecommunication systems utilized hardwired point-to-point connections, then gradually progressed to switchboards, automated mechanical circuit switching (relays) and eventually electronic switches. But the Internet revolution didn’t happen until circuit switching gave way to packet switching, which optimizes channel capacity while minimizing transmission latency and increasing communication robustness. We are now on the verge of a similar revolution in high speed ground transportation. Electronically stabilized maglev vehicles and passive maglev track switches have been demonstrated and are ready to implement maglev packet switching, with the potential to vastly increase the utility and cost-effectiveness of ground transportation.